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          I believe it is my God given job to help protect our beautiful land….


My name is Michael Dann, and I was born in Port Hedland, Western Australia on 05/07/1945.

My parents are from the West Kimberlies.  My Father was a Nyul Nyul Elder, and was born at Winawell, via Beagle bay. He was the last of the Senior Traditional men. His Bush name was Coobanyah, his skin group is Karimb. 

My mother was born at Luluangui Station 145 kms east of Derby.  Her Aboriginal name was Wardagoo.

Following my father’s side, I am a Nyul Nyul.  My bush name is Dunagee.  My skin is Karimb and my language group is Nyulnyullan family, which is Bardi, Niminburru, and Jugan.

On my mother side, my bush name is Kooyiniyi. My skin is barrjarri.


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