Avoidance System

As you know in Aboriginal lore we have an avoidance system, we have mother-in-law avoidance, we have skin grouping avoidance. We have area avoidance. These Avoidance laws have a place in our Society, these lores almost run our lives on a daily basis. White people do not understand how come this system runs our lives. Some may say that we are barbaric in most our ways. They say that we are following ways of the olden ways..



The Nyulnyul and their relations, The Djaui, of Sunday Island, beleive in a higher being, Kalalang, the highest spirit. Because Kalalang created things, everything belongs to him. The sun is the eye of Kalalang. Whoever does good, the sun shines on his head and shines into him., but for the wicked, the sun is obscured. To some of his favourites, Kalalang appears in their sleep and gives them messages. Kalalang punishes divorce, theft, and murderof a tribesman, but allows duels and blood revenge. In fact, the punishment of a person responsible for a death of a tribesman through magic, is an obligation. The aboriginal people tell of Kalalang first created a hot sun, whose heat caused a mighty fire on earth. Many fled into the sea to escape from the fire. The Mother Sun has a daughter, which is our present sun.

The mother carries her child on her shoulder up to the edge of the world (horizon). Every evening she gives a her a mighty push so that she drops down into the West. (Sundown). Kalalang also created the giant Konjol (the moon) who killed an Aborigine and ate him up. The dark spots on the moon come from the murdered man's blood. Stars are men of light. The Southern Cross is called "Waragan" (Eagle Claw) Hunters light up their camp fires on the Milky way (Wongenor) where the dark places are emus, and kangaroos, hunted by the men.



The corroboree is for the Aborigine, what music, song, and dance is for the White. The Nyulnyul, call it "Nola" or "Kaba Kaba". A song without dance is called 'Ledien'. No special instruction is needed to join in these songs. The singing becomes second nature to the aboriginal who hears the songs from childhood.

When several men or women sit together in camp, and become aware of something new, like the arrival of a stranger, they immediately start to sing of the event.  On the other hand, corroborrees normally take place only after sundown, and a favourite time for singing and dancing a corroborree is the time of the new, or the full moon.  The dancing site is any clearing in the bush. There is a variety of choreographies, which we claim that are taught to us in our dreams., Without a doubt the dances are taken from the surrounding areas.




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