Jirrbal (May/June)

You see the Seven Sisters up there? They come up just before daylight, early in the morning where the Morning Star is in the sky. Those stars tell us cold weather is coming. Thats about May or June. We call that time Jirrbal.

Wilbooroo (June/July/August)

Then, towards June, it's Wilbooroo and some trees begin to flower, like warimba (bohemia), nganybarl(bush orange) and koolbarn (a kind of wattle). Some of the flowers are telling you that its time for crocodile eggs and time when the birds are nesting. When the koolbarn leaves go green at the end of July, we start to leave cold weather time. Then, towards August, jirbiliny (warimba flowers) comes on the trees. When that flowers come, thats telling us we are getting out of cold weather now. The season changes to Barrkana then.

Barrkana (September)

Coming into September the warimba flowers starts to dry up. Then Kardookandoo (white gum) starts to bloom and that means animals and crocodiles and snakes are laying their eggs. It won't be long before the young animals are hatching. Birds, like cockatoos, are laying eggs too, and the whitewood flower is their main tucker when they're nesting. When the beans on the wattle trees are ready to come out, that’s when little ones are hatching inside the hole or nest, even crocodiles start to pop out of the hole.

When the pods on the warimba tree go red and those jirrbiliny are finished, all the seeds are coming out now. When warimba starts to get dry, that’s called Lalin time.


Lalin (October/December)

From October almost to Christmas is Lalin. Thats when it is getting hot and humid. Clouds are building for the rainy time. White Gum trees and coolibah trees are in flower. We call the flowers on the white gum tree kooroobiyan,  Bandaral (paperbark with grey-silver leaves) flowers first, after the beans come on the tree, and then, when it finish flowering, then yoodool flowers next. Then comes that white gum tree Koorrbijl, going onto Christmas. Even majala (freshwater mangrove) comes just before the wet time. Walarriy (white river gum) is flowering now to.



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